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Mobile games publisher
focused on casual projects.
Malpa Games brings together creative teams to publish casual games for mobile devices!
Our company provides all the necessary tools and resources for successful game publication. Our goal is to help you turn your idea into a reality and make your game stand out and succeed in the market.

In our company, we prioritize creative collaboration, innovation, and quality. We believe that every game has the potential to be unique and appealing to players.

Join our company today and give your game the opportunity to conquer the world of mobile entertainment!
We offer our expertise and support in
  • Localization
    to make the game culturally appropriate and accessible to players in different regions, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Monetization
    to generate income through various ad formats and placements while players engage with the game.
  • App Store Optimization
    to improve the visibility and discoverability of a game within app stores, ultimately increasing its downloads and organic traffic.
  • Producing
    to ensure the successful creation and delivery of a game, meeting the intended vision and quality standards.
  • User Acquision
    to attract and acquire new players to download and engage with a game, aiming to expand the player base and drive game revenue.
  • Support
    to provide assistance and addresse player inquiries, issues, and feedback, ensuring a positive player experience, and maintaining a healthy and engaged gaming community.
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Join our team and discover amazing career opportunities with us.
Senior Unity Developer
To bring expertise in utilizing the engine, implementing game mechanics, optimizing performance, and delivering high-quality games across multiple platforms.

Game Designer
To bring crucial skills and expertise in shaping the creative vision, designing gameplay experiences, advocating for players' needs and ensuring the overall quality of the game.


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